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Published: 14th August 2007
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The Tablet PC is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable pieces of engineering of our times. The advantages of using this PC are innumerable. Its portability (it's even lighter than a laptop) and user friendly features have made it a rage among the present generation. It is most popular amongst students, researchers and even people who are having a moving job, like people in sales and marketing.

One of the most unique features of a Tablet PC is the fact that the user can write on the screen of the computer using a digital touch pen. And the other interesting fact about this feature is that the imprint on the screen is in the user's own handwriting. The user can save the document in his handwriting in the Tablet PC and can even view it or take its print.

This feature actually provides the illusion that a person is writing on paper using ink. The user just needs to touch the tip of the digitised pen on the screen of the Tablet PC, and he can see the impression of his strokes as they would appear if he were to write with ink on paper. It certainly is a marvellous feat in terms of the software that has been developed to make this possible.

This feature makes this device easier to use, especially if a user is standing and there is space or provision to pull out the keyboard and keep down the PC. For students and researchers, it makes it easier to take down notes. It is as simple as writing in one's notebook. People with poor typing speeds can now keep pace with others, because they will not have to use the keyboard anymore. Marking or highlighting a document, saving it for later use and even transferring the data on to other devices, like a CD or a pen drive, can be easily done using the digitised pen on the screen.

The Tablet PC has brought about a complete change in the way the world uses and views computers. Their lightweight and sleek models not only make them easier to carry anywhere, but also improve the efficiency and productivity of the people using it.
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